When can you get medicare health insurance?

When you think of Medicare, you probably assume that it is intended for people of retirement age. This is true, but the program covers not only those who have worked all their lives. Maybe you qualify now and you don’t know it. When can you get medicare health insurance?

Who qualifies at age 65?

Like social security, Medicare is a US government program funded by the deduction of most employees’ payroll taxes. When they reach 65 or meet other qualifying conditions, they will receive Medicare services. You will probably receive Medicare Part A insurance free due to payroll deduction, but Medicare has other aspects that will probably cost you.

Pensioners and people still working

If you have paid into a pension system that did not collect Social Security or Medicare contributions, you probably still qualify for Medicare – either through the pension system or through your spouse. To get full Medicare insurance at age 65, you (or your spouse) had to get enough loans to qualify for social security.


Maybe you were a parent or spouse who is at home and you have no professional history. You can still receive Medicare benefits at the age of 65 based on your spouse’s work history. If your spouse has the required 40 credits and you have been married for at least one uninterrupted year, you qualify for benefits.

When can you get medicare health insurance?

Other cases

If you (or your spouse) did not pay Medicare taxes while you were working and you are 65 years old or older and you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you can buy Part A. If you are under 65, you can get Part A without paying contributions if :

You have been entitled to social security or rail disability benefits for 24 months. (Note: If you suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease, your Medicare benefits start in the first month in which you receive a disability pension.)

You are a dialysis or transplant patient

While most people don’t have to pay the A premium, everyone has to pay the B premium if they want. This monthly contribution is deducted from your check for social security, retirement or retirement. If you do not receive any of these payments, Medicare sends you a part B premium bill every 3 months.

Why apply for Medicare online?

There are many advantages to using the Medicare web application. You can:

  • Avoid trips to the Social Security Office, saving time and money.
  • Answer questions in a convenient way by starting and stopping the application without worrying about losing the information you have entered.
  • Correct the application before submitting.
  • Submit your application electronically. The application does not require sending e-mails. When done, select “Submit Now” to send your social security application.
  • Receive a receipt for the application that you can print and keep for your documentation.
  • Check the status of your online application. After submitting the application you will receive a confirmation number.


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